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FOLDS down to compact 3.5 inches
Extends raise it up over 3 feet
Oscillates 180 degrees of cool breeze
Recharges Super strong 48 hour battery life
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan

Original VENTY Fan

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The viral portable folding fan that fits in your bag.

  • Folds flat to 3.5"
  • Extends over 3 feet
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Stay Cool: Anywhere. Anytime.

Check out our Viral Portable Venty Fan in action!

The ONLY Fan that does it ALL

Folds Down to compact 3.5 inches
Extends Up to 3 feet to your desired heights
Recharges Super strong 48 hour battery life
Control Wireless remote works up to 30 feet
Oscillates 180 degrees of cool breeze
LED Light 3 tone warm ambient lighting
& Includes carrying case

Features & Tech Specs

  • Compact: Folds down to 3.5 inches
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry & includes travel case
  • Power Bank: Doubles as a power bank for your phone
  • LED Light: Illuminate your space with 3 ambient settings
  • Multi-speed: Adjust with up to 4 speed settings
  • Strong Battery: 16,000 mAh for 48 hours of continuous use
  • Wireless Remote: Works from up to 30 feet. Ergonomic design.
  • Dimentions Extended: 3.5' max height.

Perfect Outdoors. Perfect Indoors.

Whether you're working at home or hiking in Zion, enjoy your Venty fan almost anywhere.

200,000+ ‘FANS’ AGREE

Super Strong Battery

Oh, what?!

Doubles as a Powerbank for your Phone.

The Super Strong Battery lasts 48 hours per charge

Customer Reviews

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Honest Review 2024

I purchased the blue fan.

- Oscillating is great.
- Night light is great. 3 different settings
- 4 different speeds.
- Height is fine.
- Carrying case is fantastic.

- It doesn't run all night by charge, if you have the fan and light on.
- You need to be a little closer to the fan otherwise, you won't feel it.
-The remote is slippery due to the incredibly smooth back, so careful not to drop it.
- The battery is hard to access on the remote.
- Pricing is a bit excessive. While the fan is great, it's more of a $60 fan. Then to add $10 shipping (Pricing at $80 + $10 for shipping.. that's $90!) is definitely a but much. Also, if you buy one, a discount should be given if you want to immediately buy another. No option for that.

So yeah, it's a great fan but unless you REALLY need the night light or the oscillating function, there's cheaper similar fans out there.

Shelley Hart
The Best Fan

I’m in love with this fan! I have purchased 9 so far!!!! The best gift!! Venty fan needs to be on Oprah’ favorite things list!♥️

Debbie Sala

This little fan has so much power, more than I expected. It does everything the ad said it would do and more. I just love it!! It will be perfect for outside when we're camping in our travel trailer and inside our Smitty Built tent while off-grid camping. I will definitely be purchasing another, and highly recommend this to anyone that does camping in a tent or off the grid.

The best invention ever

Thank you so much!!! I went on Facebook and saw your company and bought two took one overseas to Dominican republic. The light goes off their way frequently, so I finally had to use it because one day it went off and it lasted six hours with no lights and I turned on the fan and it worked wonderful, I bought four more when I came back to give us a gift to a couple of friends and to have two more in my house just in case thank you so much they work wonderful

A Gardener Girls Dream Fan 💗🌱

I was skeptical about the size & power but after reading the reviews I went for it! So glad I did as I use it every single day now when weeding my yard, trimming my roses, etc…keeps annoying lil bugs off of me, cools me off & is so easy to move around with me. powerful lil thing & the light is an awesome bonus for when I’m still working outside after the sun sets. Highly recommended by this girl & I’m very rarely impressed by a new product!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same fan that I saw on Kickstarter?

Yes it is - On Kickstarter we are listed as "Vento" but had to change our name for Trademark reasons to "Venty"

Do you offer international shipping?

We are adding more and more countries as our distribution center grows. Currently the US and Austalia have the cheapest shipping options. We apologize that Europe is a bit expensive at the moment.

How long does shipping take?

At Venty, we ship all orders same day. Delivery to USA and Australia is typically under 5-7 business days. Check out our complete shipping time estimation here.

What is the warranty on the fan?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not want the fan within 30 days. You would cover the shipping cost back to us in the original packaging and box. If you receive a fan that has a defect contact us within 30 days and we will repair or replace it.