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Original VENTY Fan
Chase Terry
Can't Live Without It

I love my Original VENTY Fan! I use it daily, and I can't imagine life without it. I mean, I can, but it would be very hot and uncomfortable. We don't have ceiling fans in our home, so I pull out my VENTY whenever I'm feeling overheated. When I'm working, I often use it in my home office because it gets really warm in the afternoons. I also use it while I sleep every night. One charge will typically last me two to three days when using it as I just described. It is by far the best portable fan I've ever purchased. However, I do have a few suggestions for any future iterations:

The blade guard comes off very easily. This is great for cleaning purposes, but it frequently pops off when I don't want it to. Sometimes the slightest bump will do it.

The remote could use some improvements. It's really slick, which cause it to slip out of my hands a lot. Also, the labels are pretty hard to read in low light (at least on the black version), which makes it difficult to decipher exactly what button I'm pushing. When I use it at night, I have to try all the buttons until I find the one I want. Maybe you could add some sort of texture to help differentiate the buttons from each other.

Lastly, adding a "night mode" that turns off the LED lights and/or a sleep timer would be a cool feature for someone like me who uses it for sleep. I try to keep our bedroom as dark as possible, and the LED actually puts out a significant amount of light at night. A sleep timer might also be helpful to preserve the battery.

Having said that, I am very pleased with my Original VENTY Fan! I would definitely buy it again.

Original VENTY Fan
Cindy Robison
Great features!

Perfect for small spaces! We use our fan inside and outside. It's portable to move anywhere and telescopes up and down. It runs while charging as well. It has 4 fan speeds and oscillates from the base. This is a very streamlined look and comes in black and white.

Love it but broke

Love the fan, use it in my camper and when in hotels. The top pivot point broke after 3 months, I emailed about repair or replace. Will keep you posted on customer support. Not sure if this is a weak point or I just got a bad one.

Original VENTY Fan
Honest Review 2024

I purchased the blue fan.

- Oscillating is great.
- Night light is great. 3 different settings
- 4 different speeds.
- Height is fine.
- Carrying case is fantastic.

- It doesn't run all night by charge, if you have the fan and light on.
- You need to be a little closer to the fan otherwise, you won't feel it.
-The remote is slippery due to the incredibly smooth back, so careful not to drop it.
- The battery is hard to access on the remote.
- Pricing is a bit excessive. While the fan is great, it's more of a $60 fan. Then to add $10 shipping (Pricing at $80 + $10 for shipping.. that's $90!) is definitely a but much. Also, if you buy one, a discount should be given if you want to immediately buy another. No option for that.

So yeah, it's a great fan but unless you REALLY need the night light or the oscillating function, there's cheaper similar fans out there.

Original VENTY Fan
Shelley Hart
The Best Fan

I’m in love with this fan! I have purchased 9 so far!!!! The best gift!! Venty fan needs to be on Oprah’ favorite things list!♥️

Original VENTY Fan
Debbie Sala

This little fan has so much power, more than I expected. It does everything the ad said it would do and more. I just love it!! It will be perfect for outside when we're camping in our travel trailer and inside our Smitty Built tent while off-grid camping. I will definitely be purchasing another, and highly recommend this to anyone that does camping in a tent or off the grid.

The best invention ever

Thank you so much!!! I went on Facebook and saw your company and bought two took one overseas to Dominican republic. The light goes off their way frequently, so I finally had to use it because one day it went off and it lasted six hours with no lights and I turned on the fan and it worked wonderful, I bought four more when I came back to give us a gift to a couple of friends and to have two more in my house just in case thank you so much they work wonderful

A Gardener Girls Dream Fan 💗🌱

I was skeptical about the size & power but after reading the reviews I went for it! So glad I did as I use it every single day now when weeding my yard, trimming my roses, etc…keeps annoying lil bugs off of me, cools me off & is so easy to move around with me. powerful lil thing & the light is an awesome bonus for when I’m still working outside after the sun sets. Highly recommended by this girl & I’m very rarely impressed by a new product!

VentyFan, you've definitely won us over!

I'm absolutely thrilled to recount my experience with the VentyFan. The battery power left me utterly amazed – a single charge lasted for hours on end, which was truly beyond my expectations. It turned our trip into a delightful breeze. What's more, my kids adore using it in their room at night, especially with the soothing Ambiance light setting. The sturdy travel case adds an extra layer of convenience. Every function, from oscillation to portability, worked like a charm, making it a true luxury in a compact package. With top-notch battery life, remarkable features, and undeniable quality, I'm ecstatic to rate everything a perfect 10/10. VentyFan, you've definitely won us over!

Original VENTY Fan
Kendrick L. Murray Sr.
Completely Amazing

I've gotten several compliments on my VENTY FAN. It works GRRREEEAAATTT. There's about 100 people ready to purchase this fan. 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

I LOVE this fan!

I travel to Haiti each summer and always have a battery powered fan on my person. This one is amazing because it has several speeds AND my favorite feature is that adjusts in height! The light and power ports are an added bonus!

Perfect for Travel

I am so happy with my purchase! I bought it for an upcoming cruise. Love that it comes with a case that makes it easy to pack in my backpack. Remote is included and it extends and oscillates to keep the air moving in our cabin. 10/10 for my use!

Original VENTY Fan
Lori Farina
Solid Product!

This is an outstanding product. I ordered more for gifts as soon as I saw it! Incredibly versatile in its portability & adjustments (speed, direction, height, angle). I gave 4 stars for paying more for the black and I think the text (directions) on the remote and fan should be more distinct bc ironically it’s hard to see power/light/oscillation buttons especially if it’s dark.

Original VENTY Fan
Francia Lyons
Great fan

This little fan is so amazing. First of all it gives off amazing air and the fact that you can take it anywhere with you. You can recharge it. It's wonderful I'm so pleased with my purchase.

Best chargeable fan out there!

We camp off grid with a portable power source. This fan charges on the usb port and lasts for hours. The light is perfect at night. The oscillating feature is key in the heat!

Original VENTY Fan
Trina Crumpton

I love this fan! The portability of the fan itself is very discreet and lite. I purchased this fan to have near my bedside and for traveling purposes. It’s quiet. I love the fact that there are 3 speeds and a remote. I was surprised to find out that it even oscillates. Bonus!
The only downside to this fan is the tiny blue light it has. At night the light is bright but I just flip the remote over the light and problem is solved.

Love it

what a great compact and functional fan. I use it daily during the summer nights. Although, it is compact the fan is pretty strong. I love that I can fully charge it once and it last all day and night

Original VENTY Fan
Christian Bryan Bucad
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Never receive the package

Original VENTY Fan
terrie marshall

I set mine up above my horse’s stall where he is unable to reach.
It is powerful enough to keep his area cool and the remote is very convenient to turn on and off!

Original VENTY Fan
Shawna Mahoney
Small but mighty

I absolutely love this fan, I bought it to take on my vacation for our hotel room because I love having a fan when I sleep but since I’ve got it, I have it on my nightstand! I’m so glad I made the purchase

Original VENTY Fan
Pam Gillette/ 5-1

So far, I love it and it is the best thing I have bought in a long time.
I take it to my grandson’s baseball games.
It really keeps me cool in the summer heat!

Great Product

It's well designed and great to use. I'm enjoying the product now. Thanks you.

It my new best friend

Love this fan. Quality is top notch. Was worried I was buying another random, cheap product off a ad. This fan is NOT THAT.
Love it. The 4 speeds, 3 light levels, 180 oscillating, cordless, 3.5 foot extending fan has been great. I have a pool bit sometimes its hot and non-breeze, and thats where this fan comes in to bat.
Plus I can throw it in my suitcase for travel.

Very Content

Ideal for what my needs are… and packs up great in its case.


Have needed this fan for years! For sunbathing on the dock when there’s no breeze! For out on the boat when you’ve stopped to relax, sun or read; for traveling in Europe where there’s no AC; could even use it while watching your kid’s sports! Sturdy construction. Worth every penny! Can’t believe it actually oscillates and has a remote! A bit large/heavy when trying to pack light for overseas~