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FOLDS down to compact 3.5 inches
Extends raise it up over 3 feet
Oscillates 180 degrees of cool breeze
Recharges Super strong 48 hour battery life
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan
Original VENTY Fan

Original VENTY Fan

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The viral portable folding fan that fits in your bag.

  • Folds flat to 3.5"
  • Extends over 3 feet

More Cool Breeze in More Places.

See our hardworking Venty fan in action.

The ONLY Fan that does it ALL

Folds down to compact 3.5 inches
Extends upto 3 feet to your desired heights
Recharges Super strong 48 hour battery life
Control Wireless remote works up to 30 feet
Oscillates 180 degrees of cool breeze
LED Light 3 tone warm ambient lightting
& Includes carrying case

Features & Tech Specs

Folds down to 3 inch
Easy to carry & includes travel case
Power Bank
Doubles as a power bank for phone
LED Light
Illuminate your space with 3 ambient settings
Adjust up to 4 desired wind speed
Strong Battery
16000 MAH for 48 hours of continuous use
Wireless remote
Works from up to 30 feet
Folded: 3.5" x 8" Extended: 3 feet

Perfect Outdoors. Perfect Indoors.

Chillin in the yard or enjoying a hike, use your Venty Fan almost anywhere.

Extend the neck to 3.5 feet

Lightweight enough to take anywhere you go

20,000+ ‘FANS’ AGREE

Super Strong Battery

Oh, what?!

Doubles as a Powerbank for your Phone.

The Super Strong Battery lasts 48 hours per charge

Customer Reviews

Based on 2411 reviews

My Venty came with only one port and I have no way to charge my fan. I used it once in the power it came with, but I can’t recharge the fan and I am not getting anything from the company despite repeated attempts to find help. I desperately needed this fan, so this has been frustrating.

Lance W
Little fan, great product

I wanted a small travel fan to pack in my luggage, and this was perfect. It is better than I thought it would be….

NOT a sleeping fan

First off I am a person that HAS to sleep with a fan primarily for the white noise. I originally purchased the Venty fan to take on a vacation (we were flying) because of its compact size and it fitting in my suitcase easily. It certainly did fit easily in my suitcase and the carrying case is SO convenient. However, this fan even on its highest setting makes 0 noise. My bathroom exhaust fans and air purifiers are louder than this thing. Which is why I only rate it 4 stars. Having that said though this fan does put out some serious air. AND because of its compact size, ability to take it everywhere with you, and amazing battery life I do not regret this purchase. It has come in handy so many times already this summer. We used it recently on a lake trip everywhere from the boat, the dock, sitting on the porch, etc…. Temps where I live have been in the upper 90’s this past week and my AC has a hard time keeping up in the afternoon so the Venty has been parked in my living room keeping us comfortable throughout the day. It may not be acceptable for white noise but it really has redeemed itself in so many other ways! It is now a summer must have for me!!!

Alex Lawson
Best purchase ever!!!

I now have 2 of these fans and I’m double impressed with them. I take at least one of them every where I go. I have told so many people about them and I know a couple of people who have bought one too. Definitely top of my list of favorite purchases.

Chase Terry
Can't Live Without It

I love my Original VENTY Fan! I use it daily, and I can't imagine life without it. I mean, I can, but it would be very hot and uncomfortable. We don't have ceiling fans in our home, so I pull out my VENTY whenever I'm feeling overheated. When I'm working, I often use it in my home office because it gets really warm in the afternoons. I also use it while I sleep every night. One charge will typically last me two to three days when using it as I just described. It is by far the best portable fan I've ever purchased. However, I do have a few suggestions for any future iterations:

The blade guard comes off very easily. This is great for cleaning purposes, but it frequently pops off when I don't want it to. Sometimes the slightest bump will do it.

The remote could use some improvements. It's really slick, which cause it to slip out of my hands a lot. Also, the labels are pretty hard to read in low light (at least on the black version), which makes it difficult to decipher exactly what button I'm pushing. When I use it at night, I have to try all the buttons until I find the one I want. Maybe you could add some sort of texture to help differentiate the buttons from each other.

Lastly, adding a "night mode" that turns off the LED lights and/or a sleep timer would be a cool feature for someone like me who uses it for sleep. I try to keep our bedroom as dark as possible, and the LED actually puts out a significant amount of light at night. A sleep timer might also be helpful to preserve the battery.

Having said that, I am very pleased with my Original VENTY Fan! I would definitely buy it again.