What is the Best Portable Fan for Camping?

When considering a portable camping fan, there are several features that you will want to consider:  Battery Life, Functionality, Durability, Design.

One of the reasons The Venty Fan is consistently rated the best portable fan is due to the 16,000 mah battery which gives it a battery life up to 48 hours per charge. When looking at folding fans or portable camping fans it's important to look at the battery rating as that will affect the longevity. If you see 7200 Mah you know that it will not last you through the night.

Functionality is also important for many campers. The Venty Fan has a 3 setting LED ambient light.

This light is controllable from both the case of the fan as well as the wireless remote. The 3 settings mean that you have a dim setting to just give the room a bit of ambience and a brighter setting which can be useful next to a bed or sleeping bag. 

The Venty Fan also comes with a wireless remote that can be controlled up to 30 feet away. If you like camping, this means that you can hang the fan from a tent and use it as a tent fan or simply just keep it at the foot of the bed and easily control it from the remote. 

Lastly, if you are looking to go camping you will likely want a fan that comes with a carrying case. Venty comes with a super durable water resistant carrying case that you can use to take on an airplane or even use on a cruise.

Durability and Design: Carrying around a large clunky fan is not ideal for camping trips or taking on an airplane. What makes Venty the best folding fan is that it folds to about 3 inches. You will find most others around 8 or 9 inches which is not quite as sleek and beautiful as the Venty design.  

Whether you're looking for the best camping fan or just a great fan for sleeping to create some white noise, Venty Fan is hands down the best on the market!