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I WON’T go anywhere with out it.

I travel international for work. I have taken the Venty around the globe, and most recently to Italy where the air conditioning was out in the entire hotel. After cracking my window and covering most of the opening with towels to keep out the bugs, my Venty saved me and allowed me to have a comfortable nights sleep. This is hands down one of the best travel products I have EVER purchased and can’t imagine going anywhere with out it. I now see they have it in blue and I’m tempted to get that as well since blue is my color

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elaine clark
Omg awesome 😎

Wow I friggin live this fan !!! A totally wicked invention … we are travelling across Australia and it’s just bloody awesome… and lasts forever ! In the swag outside just amazing

Every fan to me.

It’s not a blower fan, it’s quiet and highly adjustable. Mine will get packed up on occasion as it will be on every road trip I take. Swivel is nice when it’s stuffy and the light is great on camping trips. It works on the floor or table. I have two. When we vege out each has their own. The black remote has hard to read symbols as the ink is grey, nothing a paint pen can’t fix..! Time will tell if the materials will outlive the battery. Initial quality seems great, but not tough so be gentle. btw, this is the place to but this fan, others are fakes or scams! Definitely worth the money.


Where has this been all my life? The VENTY is sturdily constructed, quiet, moves air well even on the lowest setting, the oscillation is a full 180 degrees, the height adjustment & angle tilt makes it infinitely adjustable and useful in multiple settings. The remote! The light! The easy charge!
I love it! I have two, and will probably get some as gifts. Bravo!

Awesome fan

This is an awesome fan that puts out a lot of air to be small. I love the portability & remote stays put.

Great fan. One issue

I would say i really love the fan. Only issue is there is a 50/50 chance when i select oscillate it gets stuck

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Delphine Bowles
Awesome fan

Fast delivery and works great

Travel fan

I purchased this fan for travel purposes and it works absolutely wonderful. My husband can’t go anywhere without a fan. It works perfectly. Perfect size. Easy to pack. Easy to use.

Best fan!

We got this fan awhile ago when it was a bit cheaper but no matter. WE LOVE IT! We use it in our TV room and take it traveling in our RV. Smartly designed and engineered, it is super user friendly and super effective. We’ve even used it outside (!) on hot days when camping. We are ordering a 2nd one to leave in the RV so it’s always available and never forgotten. Thank you Venty!

Better then expected

Just got my new Venty travel fan and happy!! This is going to be a game changer for my traveling. I'm the person who needs a fan to sleep and so far it meets my expectations. It's a little to quiet but I think on high speed the fan noise will help me sleep. But good job, all in all. I might be ordering a second for my husband's side of the bed!!

I’m a fan!

I love this little fan. It’s so functional, I love the fact that you can use it as a nightlight too! Going to buy multiple for Christmas presents!

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Heather Paez
Amazing in every way!

Venty thought about everything when creating this fan. Lightweight, compact, cordless (holds its charge long), rotates, the light, the charger, the remote, small yet mighty, the height, it’s stylish and and the bag and fan are both made with high quality materials. I take this fan with me to jobs (I am a professional organizer). I Cary the fan from room to room with ease. I use it when I stay overnight at hotels. One of the best purchases I have ever made. Also, I get compliments and inquiries everywhere I go! This fan was a great investment and I plan on purchasing more in the future for each of my family members.

Perfect for camping

Used this on a recent tent camping trip and it was perfect. Had it on the low setting and it lasted all night. Remote and light were a bonus to an already great fan! Highly recommend.

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Awesome Fan

I have been so impressed with your product since I have had it. The adjustable speeds are fantastic and there is always just enough air flowing from the blades. I have received so many compliments on it as I carry it everywhere with me!

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Devona Coffey
Where has this fan been

This fan is awesome ! I’ve been showing everyone it! I love how quiet it is! I can’t wait to take it to work! My hubby loves how is swivels , the same day I got it our power went out and it came in handy not only did we have light it helped keep us cool. When the power goes out it’s no joke I live in az.

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Chris Rasmussen
Great portable fan.

I like to sleep with a fan on but the one we have has a cord and is noisy. So I settled for the ceiling fan but it disturbs my wife. She doesn't like too much wind on her so when this came out I had to get one. Works great and very quiet on low speed which is the speed I use most. I use it in the living room by my chair and it's great there too. Have not used the remote yet. Charge holds great. Wish it charged faster. Not sure if I can use it while charging. The light is a nice extra touch. Not sure what the small rubber loop is for at the back of the base. I may just have to buy a second one. Thanks for a great product.

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Brenda Jacquet

I love it I take it to the baseball games and It helps so much

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Brian Shannon
What a difference

I have bought 6 desk fans both rechargeable and USB powered fans and they have all sucked compared to this one. See i work outside and have this little kiosk to get out of the heat/cold of the day but the heater or AC in the kiosk barely works hense all the other attempts at desk fans that barely blew air but not this one, this one blows like my table fan next to my bed and it keeps me just as cool. So I guess what I'm saying is, I don't have to buy anymore fans cause the Vento fan is wonderful...

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Maryscott Glasgow
Awesome Travel Fan

I’m amazed at the power this littke fan puts out! I’ve charged it and used it and so happy with it’s ability. It also can stand tall without a beside table. I have to have a fan when I travel, and this is the best I’ve found! Bought one for my daughter, too. ❣️

My opinion…

I’ve had my fan for a couple of weeks now. Love the fan, dislike the remote size and shape. You try to push a button on one side and it slides out of your hand. The battery lasts me 2 and a half nights of use on the lowest setting. Not sure if this is standard but it takes a good while to fully charge, more than 4 hours. Like I said, not sure if that’s the norm. Love the size of the fan, it’s functions (multiple speeds, oscillator, height adjustments, and the light). The bag is really nice and protects my fan for travel.

Love it

Let me start by saying that I bought a cheaper knock off at Lowes before my Venty arrived. It doesn't hold a candle to the Venty on features. It doesn't oscillate, it doesn't have a night light, it can't reverse charge anything, and doesn't have a remote. The Venty also lasts at least 3X longer before it needs a charge. You truly get what you pay for and won't regret paying for this!

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Desiree Mills
Best fan ever

By far the best fan ever, and I am hot all year round, I take it to watch my daughter at gymnastics too and have told all my friends and family about it, I even bought my daughter and husband one and they are in love with it too… in Vegas this fan really comes in handy and great for taking on the go in case :)

Venty Fan, it's legit!!

I bought this for my daughter who is going to college. She loves it. I thought it was a scam. They are legit!

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melanie tufts

This is a wonderful fan! It is so light weight. I can take it anywhere. I also love the little remote control.

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Ellen Leffler
Perfect for camping!!!

Purchased for tent camping this week. It was PERFECT!!! Helped to cool the tent down as needed and as an added bonus it provided the perfect amount of reading light without keeping my husband awake. Love it!!!